Weaning & Fully Weaned Chicks

So you’ve decided to train a bird for freeflight and now you need to select a suitable bird for hand-rearing. The last thing you want to concern yourself with at this point is price, yes, cost is important but there are several things to consider. Getting the healthiest most robust chick you can is primary. The freeflying bird will have a more demanding life than a bird that has it’s wings clipped and spends its time indoors.


You may encounter breeders that are very reluctant to sell you an unweaned bird. This is understandable since most people raising birds are rather selective about where their birds go; this is a good thing and can work in your favor as someone who is scrutinizing potential buyers is likely doing so because they don’t want their babies going to just anyone.

A properly fed and weaned chick will demonstrate an air of confidence. When you see that, your bird is ready to start training.