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Over the last few years, Parrots are increasingly being used as such animals albeit with a different approach. With innate abilities to mimic human voice and acquiring phrases to use, the parrot is able to provide a calming influence over those suffering from various levels of anxieties. Such anxieties can be brought on by autism, bi-polar disorders, the previously mentioned PTSD problems that can cover a wide range of causes, and an even wider spectrum of various psychotic disorders.

Bird Care

Grooming and Trimming

Multi Parrots Avian Center offers expert grooming services provided by Amin, Jason and Mikey Harthorne themselves.

  • Nails: 5.00 Euro

  • Wings: 5.00 Euro

  • Beak: 5.00 Euro

  • Small Bird ~  6.00 Euro /Day

    Medium Bird ~ $ 8.00 Euro /Day                                                 Image result for macaw parrots products

    Large Bird ~ $ 10.00 Euro /Day

    Cage Rental ~ One time fee of  25.00 Euro

    Complete Bird Package: We deliver to your door the Bird of your choice with a Bird Cage, Bird Stand, Toys & Accessories & Birds Seed.

    Zupreem Fruit Blend Pellets Lifestyle Birds Deliver Pet Birds     Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe with Pork, Beef & Lamb Dry Dog Food

    Bird Seed Orders: Never run out of Bird Seed, Mick & Ann can deliver or post out to you. Bird Boarding. Holidays can be enjoyed while your Bird is being looked after by Amin & Jason for all occassions that take you away.

    Online Care.Not sure what to do, jump online for Mick & Ann to assist you with your queries! Amin Jason will deliver your new feathered friend and the Complete Package. Just want a Pet BIRD NOT the Complete Package. Ring Amin Jason or leave a Message on our Contact page.


    •      BIRD CAGE

    •      BIRD STAND

    •      TOYS & ACCESSORIES 

    •      BIRD SEED & PELLETS


      All of the Above: 12.00 Euro


      We offer boarding for your FID!  Whether a weekend away or an extended vacation, we can provide care! Prices are as follows:ZuPreem Natural & Fruit Blend Pellets. Fresh, wholesome natural bird food made with vegetables and precisely formulated with the essential vitamins and minerals your bird needs every day. Five fruit colors and shapes and loaded with fruit and the essential nutrients your bird needs every day for good health.