Payment & Delivery Terms

Shipping Your Bird

Some have found that it is just not possible to drive their bird to and from Multi Parrot and have asked about shipping. We have included all the information below for shipping your birds safely within the UAE and worldwide. We make a vet appointment to make sure your bird of interest is healthy before shipping. Health Certificates are not required by the Airlines.

MPAC only uses ABX freight forwarder. They fly the birds in climate controlled cabins, and they go “counter” to “counter” meaning they are right there to receive them upon landing – they do not sit out on the tarmac like the luggage. There are some things you will need to do to prepare for the flight.

We will get a pet carrier large enough for your bird to stand on a perch and enough room that the head does not touch the top of the carrier. We recommend screwing a perch inside through the outside of the carrier with regular wood screws and a washer right through the carrier into a (bird Safe) piece of wood. Put a layer of newspaper in. No toys, bowls or water bottles in the carrier, nothing that could hit the bird during flight. Only a handful of your bird’s food and some cut up apples or grapes or what ever has a high water content directly on the paper. Most Air Cargo’s want you to “screen in” or “wire” the open holes in the carrier. Window screening or wire, duct taped to the outside is fine.

Upon confirmation of your order and payment we will call the reservation desk for Abel Boarding Xitas (ABX) Freight Forwarders First at (Tel: +32486472591 E-mail: and find out what flights are available for your city. Remember to ask them for the number for your local “Air Cargo” as you will need this to find out what they require for the carrier and where they are located. This is where will take your parrot for the flight to your city address provided and confirmed by transporters. Before we take your bird to the air cargo,  we make sure we call them to make sure the flight is still on. Sometimes they overbook and the animals get bumped first.

Then ABX freight forwarders will then call and let us know the possible flight times. We will arrange for the most convenient times for us both. We will give you exact shipping address at that time. Then call the reservation back and confirm, they will ask you for our name, address, and phone. They will also want the dimensions of the carrier and approximate weight. Which for most birds and carriers is under 10 lbs.

It should cost roughly 387.7 AED to ship a single bird and carrier. The price is adjusted when shipping multiple carriers. You will pay that when we drop off your parrot for delivery. Then you will receive a flight number, times and a confirmation number. We have done this many times and we are not at all concerned about flying birds. We have yet to receive an injured or stressed parrot. We are sure to include your paper work with any health or sexing records, approximate age of the bird, a list of what the bird likes to eat, regular diet, known words, your contact information so that we can send you back a donor’s receipt and sponsorship package. You may also want ship their cage, but the shipping cost could be large. Health Certificate’s used to be required before your animal was shipped (flown) but are no longer required. If you would like to send a box of toys before the flight so that we can set up their new cage with familiar items, that would be appreciated as well.

1.Some of the babies are sold while young and still hand feeding, therefore, a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold a baby until it is weaned. Orders are on a first come first served basis , your deposit or full payment will secure the oldest available baby or babies, All deposits are applied to the final invoice. 

2.Final payment, including shipping charges, are due no later than 10 business days prior to the agreed shipping date. Failure to tender final payment or accept delivery or cancellation of an order before the baby bird or birds are weaned will result in the cancellation of your order and forfeiture of your deposit unless other arrangements are made. 

3.If required by your City, a health certificate is available at an additional cost of 435 AED.

4.DNA sexing is also available at an additional cost of 130 AED. We do DNA sexing only upon the request, we don’t like to put our babies under any stress. 

5.LIVE DELIVERY IS GUARANTEED. Any claim must be substantiated by the carrier’s exception report sent the same day the shipment is received and the bird’s closed leg band must accompany this report. 

6.All of our birds come with a complete written Health Guarantee. We guarantee that there are no symptoms of disease or parasites at the time of sales/shipping and that our birds are completely healthy. This means that our birds are free of viral infections, pathogenic bacterial infections, fungal infections and congenital defects. We do not consider a slight growth of gram negative bacteria post-shipping to be disease but recognize that this is a stress-related reaction to being shipped. 

  • Hand feeding babies will only be sold to those experienced in the care and rearing of baby birds and are sold “as is”. 
  • Please contact us by phone or email to reserve your baby and confirm availability. We accept PayPal & wire transfer made payable to Multi Parrots Avian Center. 
  • References from avian veterinarians and past customers are available upon request. 

Please feel free to e-mail or call us with ANY questions or concerns you may have.