Our Staff

Mariam Fatimah / Founder

Jason Amin / Aviculturist / Board Member

Ahmed Sheik Syed / Avian Doctor

We specialize in hand-fed baby parrots. When you buy from us, we explain their diet (hand-fed by Mustapha Isreal avain expert), how to work with the bird, and how to acclimate the bird to you. we are committed to raising public awareness regarding the moral responsibilities and physical demands of keeping parrots or other wild animals as pets. There are many reaso ns that a parrot will lose his or her home during their lifetime including health problems of the parrot’s guardians, downsizing, caring for someone in the family, a new baby, a move and many others. Our three-stage intake process for those birds who are new to the sanctuary and haven’t yet received a clean bill of health. We are pleased to announce that according to our preliminary floor plan, we will finally have a climate emergency area specifically for quarantined birds.