Our Birds

We specialize in breeding and raising the following Species: Amazons ~ Blue Front, Yellow Nape, Double Yellow Head, Lilac Crown Caiques ~ White Bellied & Black Headed Senegals Congo African Greys, Timneh Congo, Red Factor. Cockatoos ~ Goffins, Moluccans, Umbrellas,Rose Breasted, Black Palm, Sulphur Eclectus ~ Redsided and Solomon Macaws ~ Scarlets, Blue and Golds, Green Wings, Hyacinths, Catalinas, Camelots, Yellow Collars. Abundance weaning is an important practice and at Multi Parrots Avian Center we strongly believe that it should be implemented for each baby because they wean at different times.

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All our birds are domestic close banded birds hand-reared at our aviary with tender loving care (with the exception of our imported breeder birds). These beautiful exotic birds are just waiting to come home with you! While you’re here, don’t miss our photo gallery!

3 Natural Plants From Your Garden That Are Great For Your Pet Birds

3 Natural Plants From Your Garden That Are Great For Your Pet Birds

Adding plants is a great way to decorate your aviary and entertain your pet birds. Plants are beneficial to birds’ health, they provide clearer air for the birds to breathe, mental stimulation and entertainment. Picking the right plants is important, you don’t want plants that are toxic or completely unnatural to your birds normal habitat. The best place to find aviary plants is in your own garden, it’s cheap, easy and an amazing natural source.