Pet Amazon Parrots Species Available

Back at Multi Parrots Avian Center We are specialized breeders of hybrid and pure breed Amazons and other parrots species found within the Congo basin. All our Amazon parrots are hand raise coming with a free cage, they are vet tested and will comes with up to date health records. So if interested get to us with your email address and phone Numbers. Here are some of the Pet Amazon birds we have available,
Blue Fronted Amazon
Double yellow head Amazon
Yellow Nape Amazon
Interested Buyers can as well get back for the list of fertile eggs .We sell both national and international. You can reach us directly with your feed back at Telephone: +971 581753954(Whatsapp Available)

Scarlet Macaws

Scarlet macaws are brightest feathered of the macaw family which make them the favorite of bird companion for most people who prefer bright colors. We presently have over 30 fully weaned scarlet macaw chicks and adult breeder bonded and proven pairs, very healthy vaccinated tamed trained and ready for delivery to their new environments. Please if you prefer scarlet macaws then you are at the right avian center.

Green Wing Macaw Parrots

The bonded proven green wing macaw pair that we imported from Australia and captive reared back the Avian Center today has given us a flock of very healthy bright feathered Green wing macaws hand feed and rear as hatchlings. We have over 50 green wing macaws’ babies and adult sexed males and females ready for re-homing as tamed trained pet companions or as breeders for fertile green wing macaw eggs for hatching. Few people like Green wing macaws as pet companions but we say green wing macaws are highly sociable as their companion blue and gold macaws. Do contact us and discover more about our green wing macaws.

Blue & Gold Macaw Parrots

Back at Multi-Parrots Avian Center we pride ourselves with our reputation as the provider of high quality blue and gold macaw parrot pets worldwide. We have fully weaned vaccinated tamed trained talking blue and gold macaws hand feed and self eaters suitable as family companion pets for your children. If you are searching for the right blue and gold macaw for your family you are lucky to have found Multi-Parrots Avian Center, so feel free to call us directly or drop word at;